Vancouver: City of stuff

I like Vancouver. It is nice. It has sunsets. And weird hotdogs. This is one of them:


One of the sunsets, I mean. It is not a weird hotdog.
The thing in the middle isnt even a weird hotdog. It is a man. Hotdogs cant stand up unaided, no matter how weird they are. Of this, I am glad.Other things I have noticed about Vancouver (bearing in mind I have been in an interesting office and/or jetlagged for most of the time I have been here):

1. It does not rain here nearly as much as people suggest it does.
It just doesnt. FACT. In fact, it barely rains at all. Maybe for half an hour, lightly, every now and again. This is an official, incontrovertible statement based on my whole four days of experience. Youre welcome, established international meteorological research institutes – youre welcome.

2. Many many residences in the downtown Vancouver area are made out of floor to ceiling glass.
Yes, entirely. For example, right now, from my perch on the sofa in the glass box I am staying in for the week, I can watch seven television shows at once. Most of them across the road.

3. Vancouver is very foody.
A friend I used to work with in London took me on a tour of amazing foodie locations in the central Vancouverian area, today. We only ate at a couple, but I had so many ridiculously good meals, dishes, restaurants and ingredients explained to me in depth that by the time I got home all I could manage was a crisis of over-stimulated imagination and a cheese sandwich.

4. Male Vancouverians know a good shoe when they see one
I have had my lovely trainers (and they are lovely, LOVELY trainers) complimented by three men in the last few days. I endorse the shoe-loving men of British Columbia.

5 There are bridges in Vancouver
And they are higher are more open than you realise when looking at them from the underside. I only realised just how high, and how open, when in the middle of one. It was (perhaps coincidentally) at almost exactly the same moment that I remembered how much I fear high and/or open spaces. Particularly bridges. I had an unscheduled jog at that point, but almost entirely because of health and fitness reasons; anything else was just one of those coincidence things we were talking about previously.

6 Snow-covered mountains visible at the end of the street are very attractive
I would go so far as to suggest that other cities consider bringing in some mountains for the end of their streets, too. It they cant afford the full-scale mountains, they could probably just get small lego mountains, and decrease the size of their streets to about 1/80th the current size.

7. This is going to get me lynched by Canadians
But being in big-city Canada is just like being in Big-City America almost.
But not quite. Its like watching a non-HD television show on an HD tv. A non-HD show from the early 90s.
Not in a BAD way, like.
Its just, you know, everything is a little more muted, and I dont get as many of the references. But I still like it very very much (and, for the record, am currently watching a non-HD show from the mid-90s on an HD television. Its terribly good).

8. Interesting difference
People in Canada (this part) seem to care more about Fair Trade than anywhere Ive ever been in America. It is interesting.

9. There is still a mouse in Vancouver
But only one. I have not seen him again. If he has therefore agreed to us living separate lives and to live happily in the same general area but never see each other again, then I may agree to these terms and therefore agree to return to the city at a later date.

10. Vancouver is nice
Well done Vancouver.