Seven, six, five

We have a week left. Somehow I ve left it a week, or more, since my last post. I didnt mean to. I meant to post and post lots and lots and frankly didnt think through the logistics of moving house/continent/everything when considering whether I would be able to do that. Particularly when simultaneously having to take temporary but long-distance leave of some of the best friends Ive ever had the pleasure to make.

I even started posting this first thing yesterday. SEVEN – this post was called, with me meaning to write a short post every day from now until we actually leave. Again, Im quite glad that I got led off back into packing and clearing out and didnt post it, because lets face it, it would have been stupid to promise to post once a day in the run up to this move, Im in enough of a haze/funk/cloud/daze/stressyshoutywhinefest already without that.

Some things, though, some points that I feel I should be keeping hold of:

1) I went on a cycling tour of Napa Valley the other week. I keep meaning to mention it, because it was a brilliant, sunny, happy day and I would happily relive it any time at all, apart from the fact that theres no funny way to write it – however I try and angle it I just sound ridiculously happy, so that, perhaps, is all there is to it. No, wait, actually, there is a way I could write it, but it would involve so many grape wine puns as to be bordeauxing on the insane, so Ill be reislingable and keep it all bottled up.

b) In the middle of all the officialness and business and ridiculousness, there was time to go for a walk to cover some more of the map that has been important to me while living here. Basically, I needed to cover the Northern most rim of the city and one particular edge of Golden Gate park in order to make the map look, in silhouette, with all other information taken out, completely like San Francisco. Three and a half hours and 14 miles and a few episodes of This American Life helped draw out the lines that I hadnt already covered.

3) For someone with no piercings (not even ears), not much talent for self-adornment and with no rings, bangles or other jewellery, I now have a rather large amount of ink implanted in myskin until I a) die or b) choose to have it painfully extracted from my body (it will be a) incidentally). More of this in another post. I know a lot of people dont like girls with tattoos, but having lived here, and seen the way it is used to celebrate the spirit and form of a persons body (how Californian, yes), I really, really do. And that is the end of that argument.

4) All my belongings, all of the things we have accrued in the last two years, are now either sold, given away, or placed into boxes marked GARAGE SALE, PACK, or SF STORAGE. The last one, in this case, just means friends whove agreed to keep stuff until were next in (or passing through) town. With some of the work Ive got at the moment, this might (cross fingers) mean a couple of weeks.

Its still a horrible process, though. I find myself clinging on to the bits of personal possessions and signs of a life still lived here with the very tips of my short fingernails. When My Beloved removed the comfort objects and vitamins and photos and things of life from my bedside table as part of a general house sweep to sort out remaining clutter, there was a tearful stand-up row for half an hour. This is not a rational time. (But good to know for the future: my bedside table is sacred until the last minute in any house. FACT).

5) The cats are being lovely and not at all freaked out by the disappearing stuff and very loving and I only hope that this time next week, when were in a new country, a new house, and after all going through a ridiculous amount of flying, they will be equally lovely. My experience says they wont. But after a week or two, hopefully, they will.

6) Moving is coinciding, unexpectedly and annoyingly, with a sporting event that I have got unexpectedly and wholeheartedly into. Ive slowly been getting to know and like baseball, and the fact that the San Francisco Giants are currently in the World Series has been driving the city insane with excitement. If the series stretches to its maximum (its a best of seven games, so it could be over in four) then we will be on the plane for one game, and not able to see two others, and certainly not be able to join in with the celebrations. This is annoying.

7) Tomorrow, as a farewell to the city, we have rented a limousine to drive around the city with our closest friends and take pictures at our favourite places. I am so excited about this Im not sure how Ill concentrate on inventorying all the contents of the boxes of books were sending over. Somehow, sadly, I will manage.