Snailr by name

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I must apologise for my quietness on the snailr front. People are still recieving cards – although Im aware many havent arrived at all. Which is sucky beacuse a) I know I sent one to every one of the 160+ people on my list and b) I got so panicky about getting postcards into mailboxes when I got the opportunity/found a mailbox near a station that I forgot to put the small number notation I was marking on some of them and didnt take a picture of many.

And now were in the middle of moving house, and collecting all the lovely emailed pictures, links, blogposts, tweets and flickr pics that people have sent me of their postcards becomes a more onerous task by the day. I think it all might have to wait until were safely on that other continent, then I can spend some time packaging it all up like a christmas present.

Le sigh.

Still, many many thanks to everyone who has sent me a picture, and an enormous pout to people who havent received a card – I only wish Id taken pictures of them all so I could send it digitally to you instead. Bother. Still, thats the beauty of the postal system, and a lesson learnt for next time.

Meanwhile, Ive included the picture of the postcard sent to Marie Nash at the top of the post here because it happens to include one of my favourite of all Bobbies illustrations for the cards (he did about half of the front, I did the others), and this link: in which JonnyB proudly displays the card I sent him, which , I am ashamed to say, was mainly a riff on the current anti-meth campaign in the heartland states of America being quite a lot like a favourite oven chips ad campaign from the eighties. Mummy or meth? indeed.