Lego in reverse

Though we made the decision about moving back a fair while ago now, or so it seems, and started getting preparations in order (new flat, tickets, cat removal and all of those things) weeks ago, this weekend was the first that we started physically preparing – taking apart pieces of furniture, sorting books into definitely take, probably-take possibly take and leave/sell/give away/where-the-hell-did-we-get-this-anyway-do-you-remember? piles, and having open houses where good friends and nice people pop in and see if theres anything they can take off our hands before we go to the trouble of slinging it all on craigslist.

Its been making me very sad. Of course it is. This is natural. Building a life – or a home – anywhere, no matter how tentatively, is a long and laborious process, and having to deconstruct it all feels like building a really impressive model of ancient rome out of dozens of thousands of lego bricks for a school project, only to discover (on the morning youre due to take it for show and tell at school) that way too big to get out of the house, so youre going to have to take it all apart again and rebuild it on the other side of the door.

But there are lots of things going on, I just keep forgetting to note them down anywhere, and were doing a bunch of exciting and important (to us) things, alongside trying to make sure we keep a steady flow of work going here, AND when we get back in the UK (and realising the first few weeks back are going to be a clusterfuck, no one commissions in december, so were going to have to hit the ground running to cover ourselves). So for the next few weeks Im going to try and make sure to blog a bunch of little things as and when they happen.

See, the postcards HAVE taught me something (apart from teaching me not to decide to have an enormous project that Im not going to have time to collate if, say, Im moving country a few weeks afterward) short updates, while you think of them = good.

Right, so thats what Im going to do then. Lots of short posts over the next few weeks. Sorted.

(She said, setting herself another deadline-based project/promise mere weeks before moving country. Well done, anna).