The worlds largest – debatably – egg

There are many places that got pointed out by the trails and rails people, the volunteers of the National Park service, as we were chugging through the country on a very slow train. They pointed out mountains, and sites of battles, and rivers, and sites of deaths and births and told us how high the peaks were, how long the tunnels, who put them there and how.

But the best place that was pointed out – well, the second best, but Im waiting to see whether the postcard I sent about it reached its intended recipient – the best thing OTHER than that thing they pointed out, was the worlds biggest egg.

Coming up in a few minutes said the nice man whod joined the train in Seattle and would be joining us until Portland with his nice lady partner trailnrailer to inform everyone in the observation car of things visible from the route is something really special.

See in the late 19th and early 20th century this was one of the biggest chicken towns in the west. Not as in they were all cowardly, as in, there were a LOT of chickens. And every year they used to celebrate that by having an egg festival. Well, sooner or later, there wasnt so much money in chickens anymore – not as in the chickens they produced used to actively contain or expel money, that would have been ridiculous, just as in the sense of the business of chicken farming wasnt as profitable as it had once been.

I may be taking some liberties with his narration a little. But it is what I remember him saying, so that is the way it is.

Coming up, on the right of the train, in juuuuust a moment.

Aaaaaaaaaany second now

If youll just beeeeeear with me

Ok, well, that was a different town, but the point is, coming up really soon, there is the worlds biggest egg. It was built to commemorate the towns annual chicken festival, and all the cultural and artistic chicken and/or egg related cultural activities encompassed in that. And youll see it in juuuuuuuuuust aaaaaaaaa.


Alright fine. Whatever. Of course, the festival still happens now, although they have to import chickens – and eggs – in order to continue the festival in any way at all, although theyve now decided to re-brand the city as a tourist destination for people inter OH! wait here it is, folks!

The worlds biggest egg!


Its not really an egg, its a shape of an egg made out of fibre glass

It was a pretty big white fibre glass thing.

Im not that sure its still the biggest either, now we mention it