Things that will almost certainly stop me sleeping

a) Heat
b) Impending travel
c) Worrying
d) (b+c) Worrying about impending travel.
e) Being on my own.
f) (c+e) Weird noises outside my house when Im on my own.
g) Weird noises outside my house when Im on my own due to other people having impending travel (b+c=e+f=g)
h) Weird noises outside when I am on my own while people that should be here are travelling and it is also hot. ((b+c=e+f=g) x a = h)
i) Being itchy.
j) The sound of mosquitos (NB, the sound of mosquitos will make me itchy).
k) Having outstanding work or projects running through my brain.
l) The cats. Who will be woken up by mosquitoes, noises outside, heat and my restlessness, and will wake me up in turn, making me hotter and more itchy (j + f + a + i = L x (a + i))

The then magnified and multiplied effects of these (and the lack of sleep caused by them), and the thoughts and imaginings and half-dreams and hallucinations generated by that:

1) The fact that the sound of mosquitoes near my ear when I am hot and half-asleep leads me to believe I have hair full of bugs (j + c + a +i = YIKES BUGHAIR!) and forces me to jump out of bed and ruffle frantically all of my hairs while doing the Dance of the Bugs (NB: a lot like moshing), and then brush it out and tie it back tightly – possibly with an alice band – before going to sleep. This would generally mean I was going to wake up with a headache, but since Im probably going to wake up in about eight minutes anyway, its much of a muchness.

2) The fact that while i can fully justify the fact that murderers are more likely to murder people they know, and burglars have more attractive properties to hot-prowl than the slightly scummy ones (mine) in the middle of our street, the pure poetic tragic drama of something terrible happening to me the very night before I am due to be reunited with My Beloved always increases the risk of my being murdered or involved in a bungled robbery 300%. Of course, in realistic terms, this means it increases it from 0.001% chance to 0.004% (I think, I dont do maths. Or statisitics, so this is a very rough guesstimate) but in anna-half-asleep-brain, it means it increases from 100% likely to 100% + (x?) 300% likely, which makes it very likely indeed. (cb +d +fg = YIKES MURDERYBUHGLAIR!)

3) The fact that I have lots of work to do and a constant stream of other things going through my head in a buzzing, anxiety-fuelled, half-asleep way means only two things: i) that I will spend the early hours starting to write things in my head thing ii) that I will wake up in the morning to discover that all these things were complete gibberish and not going to fit into my project at all, unless it happens to be a project about giant mostquito burglarmurderers, in which case they magically will.

I very rarely get to work on such projects, however. Sadly.

Anyway: point is – the number of these things that affected my nights sleep last night: ALL OF THEM.
The amount of sleep I got: ABOUT ELEVENTY-SIX MINUTES.
Whether that is enough: NO. NOT AT ALL.