One week and some hours until lift off

Where lift off means get on, and everyone involved in the countdown understands that it is referring to trains and should under no circumstances lead to me being shot into space at 8am next tuesday morning because glory only KNOWS what the postage costs from the wrong side of the hole in the ozone layer, and Ive postcards that need to be sent.

And cripes, do I have postcards to send. Yay. Double yay. Thanks again to everyone whos shown interest in this ridiculous and entirely non-sensible project of mine. Its been, over the last few days, a slow but steady supply of people sending cheerful and friendly messages and addresses and things. Ive enough postcards to send to everyone who has requested a snailr railmail update so far, and still some postcards left over for the last few people who might, hopefully, email this week.

Its a lovely spread of people, as well, reflecting web-revolving life as I know it. Its a mixture of family, ex-colleagues, current friends, friends Ive not seen in a decade, friends Ive only ever conversed with online, and people with whom this might be a first contact – what might once have been known as perfect strangers but weirdly arent, anymore. I appear to be sending postcards to people in practically every area Ive lived in, both people I know and coincidental happenstance requests – and sending others to towns Ill be passing through without stopping, and countries Ive never ever been to.

In the meantime, Im trying to stack up on real paid work assignments to keep me busy as we roll, and adding books to My Beloveds magical new electronic-book-gizbot so that I can steal and read things on it when hes not doing research for the stuff hes working on during the trip. And Ive been printing out confirmation slips and writing down reference numbers.

And in accordance with some kind requests, Ive put a donate button on the side of the site for people who expressed that they would like to help out with postage costs, or project costs, or otherwise just be supernice and generous etc. Its a paypal thing. I dont know if it will work if I try and post it here as well as on the sidebar of the site. Let me try.

Anna makes interacting-with-technology noises


Oh, bugger, it didnt.

Well look, its on my actual website, and on the sidebar over there >

and you might have to scroll down a bit.

And someone has already found it without me mentioning it – so thank you, one person already. But for other people who mentioned it but hadnt noticed, there it is. I state again: Im not asking for payment in return for sending people postcards, or holding anything to ransom, or expecting anything at all – but as people asked about it, it is there.

And having done that and publicised it, I am going to scuttle off and pretend I didnt, because it feels weird.

*scuttling noises*