Some measure past whelmed

Though not, it should be noted, overwhelmed, because that always sounds like a bad thing. But a bit of a flood of emails overnight means Im about half way done making a list of people and addresses to send postcards to (my mother, in case she comes late to the table, can be assured I know her address and shes in the book).

I have to do some work and go out for the day, so Ive not time to personally reply to everyone but to cover most of the most frequently mentioned things:

a) Thank you for being so lovely, you cant imagine how hard its been keeping quiet about this idea while getting all the bits in place, I just find every element of it exciting, theoretically and practically.

b) Yes, I was planning on sending things internationally (how else would I be able to make myself a nice coloured in map at the end?) so dont worry about that.

c) For those of you worrying about postage, thank you for worrying about postage. Ill put a paypal donation button up on the side there over the weekend, but Im not asking people to Pay if they want a card or holding anything to ransom, or expecting people to go nuts. Postage will be about 95c (60p-ish) for international postcards, and each postcard cost about 40c (25p) to print up, and then I had to buy some markers and rubber stamps for customising them, but really. Dont go nuts. Although, having said that, I still havent booked a hotel in Seattle, so its not like it wouldnt be handy.

d) If it all works out well – and Im feeling like it will – then I may look into collecting it all into a thing and publishing it myself, but if you or anyone you know would be interested in getting on board in a more professional way – or want anything writing about the trip in general or any of the stops were taking on the way (Los Angeles, New Orleans, Glacier Park, Seattle, Portland) let me know. I have no shame: I need work.

e) Thank you people of the internet for trusting me with your postal addresses. Because, you know, if I cant find any other way to monetise this trip I can always sell them to an evil spam company, right? Im KIDDING.

f) Really: Just thanks. Everyone. For being so lovely

And maria, a special mention for the phrase Im so excited I might be a little sick. Me too, my dear. Me too.