Notes for returning ex-patriates on visits, no.6: Its nice back home, you know

Ive more of this series to post once Ive time to do them, but one thing that struck me in the light of everyone reading the ryanair post was that I wanted to point out one thing Ive noticed a LOT in my visit home: people are ACTUALLY lovely.

Ive cracked jokes with ticket takers when they should have been stern. Ive seen youths (on more than several occasions) that I have previously considered to be twats stand up and leave Old People seats for Old People boarding. Kindness has been offered to me. At the sight of tears, sympathy has been given me by complete strangers. And I have liked being here.

I didnt think I was going to like being Here so much. Being Away, you build a mental image of Here that means you dont want to be there anymore, because its easier that way. And while there are many bits of Here I am not that keen on, the comfort in the knowledge that people are essentially nice, will keep me going a while.

(Or at least until I sober up and finish the rest of these posts I have written in my diary.)

Tomorrow – flights. Long ones.

And I would like to thank the lovely peoples of London for making us welcome, where they have. Also the peoples of Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Gloucestershire, Brighton, Norway (Unte), Glasgow, Bunessan (Isle of Mull), Iona, Craignure, Shropshire, London again and all points inbetween for their welcome and their patience.