Me and my Tellywonk (a work in progress)

I mentioned that site where I was going to tap away to my little hearts content about all the television in the world whenever I felt like it, and no matter how silly or trivial or regional or [insert disparaging word of your choice here] it might be considered to be.

Well, its now set up, and now I can go back to writing silly non-telly things on here, and have somewhere else to tip the contents of my tellybrain. Which is good. Because now I can, because it is here, and as people correctly guessed last week, it is And its going live this week. Because it had to.

I say Had to. Clearly I didnt have to. I was not legally or contractually obliged to, and no one was holding a gun to my head, a hammer to my knees or a lion to my midriff. But I had set myself one goal. If I was going to get this TV blog live, it would be in time for me to catch up with Lost on it, in some way or other, before the new – final – series starts here next week.

As I explain over on Tellywonk – having seen basically none of it, and remembering nothing that I have seen, that gives me a week to catch up on five seasons (about 100 episodes) of mindbending drama. What a bloody good thing I dont have any other demands on my time, eh?


Anyway, that over theres going to be about television, for them that likes it.

(For thems that dont – dont worry about it: I promise I will write something completely unTV-ish and San Franciscoey over here tomorrow, just to prove I mean it)