My own personal Rickroll

I took a picture of my littlest cat, earlier. And, although she quite often looks gormless (so it shouldnt have been too much of a shock) I managed to take the most spectacularly gormless picture of her I have ever, ever seen.

Well, no, its a cross between gormless, belligerent and just plain stuffed.

Whatever it is, it is the best expression I have ever seen on any cat ever and has made me laugh every single time Ive looked at it for the rest of the day. I even went so far as to leave it open in a tab, just so I could keep coming across it by mistake.

Anyway, so, just to be able to surprise myself (and/or you, it youre not on an RSS feed), you will find, by clicking more, my favourite picture of Widget. Ever.

4288307205_937a21073a_o.jpgAnd, keen that I shouldnt be the only person to benefit from the gormfree excellence of Widget the Moron Minicat, this evening, as my beloved and I sit around discussing important questions of a practical and professional nature, and sending links to resources and possible leadds, I just keep sending him this link instead of actual real useful ones.

Which amuses me no end.
I can only recommend it. I will look into creating a seperate page on this site with nothing but a giant picture of Idiot-Cat so you can do the same.
Youre welcome.