One last snow picture

Because it is a happy one. And I realised I was sounding tired, if somewhat determined, and that didnt quite reflect how much fun I had in the snow, because snow is ace, and this year IS actually going to be brilliant. Or, rather, brillianter, building on the bits that were already brilliant from last year – and there were many of those too.

So this is me looking like an overstuffed toy, testing out my new (well, some new, some borrowed) waterproof snow activity gear by wearing it all at once.


It might have been slightly too much clothing all at once, in retrospect. Watching me attempt to move gracefully was like watching a giant mascot at a theme park trying to recite epic poetry through sign language, semaphore and charades while playing twister.

Snow is ace.
I plan to go back and frolic in it more soon.