The same procedure as every year, Miss Sophie

It is New Years Eve. In fact, back in the motherland (the land of my mother, I mean, or at least the land currently containing my mother, so the UK, then) it almost IS New Year.

Hopefully, this means that everyone has made the perfect plan (theres always pressure to make the perfect plan) and will see in the new year with at least *some* people they quite like.

In an effort to make 2010 the most optimum, top-flight, shiniest year in the history of years (no pressure), I will be performing a ritual of all the New Years Ever Good Luck Traditions that I can find on the internet. I will be wearing both red underwear (as some countries call that lucky) and yellow underwear (as others prefer that) luckily I have both of these colours of underwear with me, and dont mind wearing them, what with it being cold.

I will also be eating 12 grapes and making twelves wishes, setting fire to something, throwing something else out of the window, and quite possibly walking around the block with a suitcase. I will be requiring a tall dark handsome person to firstfoot both this house AND the one back in San Francisco with a full compliment of coal, candle, dram etc.

I will be sweeping the dirt out of the house, making some noise to scare the bad things away, jumping up and down (what? some people think that this will make them taller come the new year, whats weird about that?) and then tomorrow, I will be eating circular foods, like hula hoops and doughnuts, which I think is the best new year tradition Ive ever heard of.

And thus shall I single-handedly bring about the BEST YEAR IN THE HISTORY OF YEARS.

Youre welcome, world.

Happy New Year to you, if it is your New Year already (and not if it isnt, but then when it is, then Happy that)