Catvent calendar: Da.. OOOH! LOOK OVER THERE! A BADGER!

Alright. There was going to be some really very good post about cats, and an also very good post about christmas. But you know what? There were a lot of other things I meant to do today as well, and I dont care about the catvent ones or any of the other things because, from very-silly-oclock this morning, I spent the day hanging out with the best 3-year-old in the world again (while his little brother came into the world elsewhere) and it was the best way I can imagine spending the day.

So youre not going to get either of those things.

In place of that: a christmas card: from me, to you, after a very horrible month, week, year, but a very lovely day (and, after 48 hours in which I might have eaten 1.5 meals and had 4 hours sleep total, then quite a lot of mulled wine)

Oh come now, as least its not as bad as out first (failed) attempt at a family greeting.

Never mind.

I may not, personally care about christmas so much, but HAPPY CHRISMAS! All the same.