Catvent Calendar: Day Twenty-two

The so-tenuously-related-to-cats-I-might-as-well-not-bother-pretending


post of the day: Please help me find my cookies

Cookie is a popular name for a CAT. And, its interesting we should find ourselves discussing that very fact, as it is cookies I have come here today to discuss. Not the the cat name, the edible substance. This post is still very much part of the catvent calendar, however. Its not just what I needed to post anyway with some reference to cats so that I didnt have to write two posts.

God no.

That would be shockingly neglectful.

Anyway, so, remember when I first got the CATS? They were kittens then, of course, and therefore very frisky. Frisk frisk frisk, they would go. Frisking all day, frisking all night – never missing an opportunity to frisk it up all over the place. And, coincidentally, frisk it sounds like biscuit, and, as chance may have it, when I was in Brighton I made a LOT of biscuits. Brighton. Where I first got the CATS.

And yes, since you should mention it, I am very much in the mood to make biscuits again. With some urgency, in fact. For an event that, shall we say – without wanting to spoil anything much – might be happening in a couple of days time.

My problem is this. The very recipe – the very brilliant recipe, may I add – I was working from was one torn out of the Guardian Weekend Magazine in either 2005 or 2006. Probably by Dan Lepard. That column, anyway.

(Lepard, can I just mention at this point, is a type of big CAT, but spelt wrong)

Anyway, that recipe is currently on its torn, grease splattered piece of magazine paper, stuffed into the back of a recipe book and tightly packed into a small crate just north of Brighton with the rest of my belongings.

First suggestion? Search for it online. Yeah, Ive tried. For the last hour. Its not there, the uploader must have missed it that week, boo, hiss. Next solution? I know that many of you might think that I might have some contacts who would offer me special help in accessing this recipe from its original source, but right now a) not so much and b) the lovely contacts I have that might be able to help are gone for Christmas, I think.

So this is just a plea – to anyone reading who might, similarly, tear recipes out and store them somewhere this was:

1) from Weekend magazine in 2005/2006 sometime.Or maybe early 2007, actually. Oh hell, Im too old.

2) a very very basic soft cookie recipe – its not remarkable, just the best Ive ever tried

3) It might have been billed as a something somethingelse cookie, but it was made very clear that this basic recipe worked with almost any other combination of additions and flavours you might want to add. I can attest to this. It does.

I know its a silly question (or catsion, as were adhering to a certain theme here), but none of you happen to have it torn out and stuffed in the back of a recipe book that you actually have it to hand, available, do you?

Im guessing not.

Its a shame, because we have some kick-arse things to put in these particular brand of cookies. And it would be a dreadful shame for the world (or our friends, NOT THAT THIS IS WHAT THEYRE GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS IF ANY OF YOU ARE READING THIS), should miss out on them.

Tomorrow, for anyone who might not have this particular recipe torn out, I will DEFINITELY write something about cats. As well as either something christmassy or a review of every film Ive seen this year, I havent decided.

In the meantime, please help me. Help me in my bakingest hour of need.

Cookie recipe, anyone? Weekend magazine? Dan Lepard? Soft? Yummy? Involved a mixture of kinds of sugar? Really REALLY good?

Please help me.

Can you?