Catvent calendar: Day twenty-one


I actually had had great plans to write great things – hilarious, non-catblog-type things for today. But then, my day went seriously south, and, what it more, Squirrel decided to be photogenic for once.

Squirrel, grumpy big cat, is frequently beautiful but always at a point when the camera happens to be in another room or too far away to reach without disturbing the cuteness.

This, however, was too good to miss. See, Squirrel, above, is captured lying on our new duvet. But what you cant quite tell from that picture is quite the extent to which she has managed to place herself right in the direct centre of things. See, the whole world might be a big urban mandala; but squirrel has managed to make herself the absolute middle of the world.


My big-cat knows how to provide her services as an interior decorating accessory. That makes me happy.