Catvent calendar: Day twenty

No time for catvent calendar as it turned out today, and no real enthusiasm for it either, for one reason or another.

So, to mark the absence of the Catvent Calendar (and thereby non-absent it, thus making the marking of its absence meaningless), a celebration of the lack of cat.

Thus I am happy to present, for day twenty:

No Cat


From the always-been-brilliant Garfield Minus Garfield, who is amazingly consistent, and ace. Who knew that you could make something familiar and run-of-the-mill into something that can be surreal, ridiculous, even poignant just by removing the main character.

I love it. And only because at the root of it, you have the fact that Garfield could never really talk. And that this is, on one level, these one way lonely exchanges are all Jons life has ever contained. And thats just sad.

(And yet also funny)