I am going camping!

I am going camping in the wilderness, like a rugged person.

Or, more accurately, in a campsite. Like a camping person.

I will be trying not to smell of honey, as it might attract bears.

I will also be trying not to smell of blood, as it might attract sharks. And they might come bumping down the road – or, you know, the hundred miles of road between us and the sea – in search of the blood.

And while Im at it, I will try not to smell of what do snakes eat? Eggs, right? I will be trying hard not to smell of egg.

But mainly because no one wants to hang out with the kid who smells of egg.

But other than that, I will be being very brave, and wilderness-like, and like a great woman of the outdoors, I will be hunting my own food.

In the sense of buying it at a shop.

Look, I dont go camping very much.

Point was. Is. Um.

Nothing, really. I just wanted to give my mum something to read (see post below) (unless youre my mum in which case: hey! Im going camping!)

La la la la la.

I really need some sleep.