MMHUMMHMN-ffffff-Mruuuu MUMF

Yes, thats right. Muffled screaming from under a cushion is what I have to offer you instead of blogging right now.

Ive been casting around for several days for the perfect, playful, lighthearted words to use on this here blog, and I havent got any, I dont think.

Theres been a lot going on. Things, as usual, that I am not able to talk about while they are ongoing, and find it difficult to write about anything else because this blog is pretty representative of my life, and I am not good at lying, or sounding happy when I am actually worrity.

But I need to try very hard to write something, because otherwise I will just sit here stewing in my own tepid juices. I will therefore be going back to abandoned drafts, and the list of possible posts next to my bed and in my diary. And trying to pull things together from there. Just warning you, because some of them are a bit random. Theres one note in my diary that just says DICK/GRAVY, so while I might not tackle that one until I have a clearer idea where it came from, and start with the slightly more fully formed ones instead.

Otherwise, while Im on that, if anyone just wants to suggest I title, and I can write a post to go with it, that would be really good. Really good, actually. I am too much in my head to be able to pull anything out right now, perhaps it would be good to start with someone elses instead.

Yes. Do that. Can someone suggest a title?

It can be a sentence? Or a list suggestion? Or a quotation? Or just a title?

Anyone? Please? Help.

Im a bit drowny.