Positive affirmation for your every move, Cali-style

My telly is, in many ways, the epitome of California. Not content with simply giving a service and letting me decide how I feel about that service on my own terms, it is determined that I should have a nice day while doing it.

Plug in anything, or switch something on, and it pops up with a happy little message.


A new external device is connected
Do you want to enjoy this?

Enjoy it?
How do you know I want to enjoy it? How do I know Im going to enjoy it? It might be terrible. I wish to USE it, certainly, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Lets not start wildly attributing emotional judgments to things without a few introductory conversations and a general sense of where this whole relationship is going first, hmn?

It doesnt get any better when you press yes, of course.


Select the input source you would like to appreciate indeed.
Its just, you know, its a machine. Its asking if I want to connect it to another machine. Why do we have to get all personable and happy about it?