The things I DID buy at the flea market

I went on a bit of a tin rampage. Ive always had a thing about old tins – old every day product tins for gravy or spices or medicines or sweets. Just a complete sucker for them. The lettering the fact they are useful and impermanent things cased in these very colourful, very permanent metal objects – I love them a lot. Its something about the mixture of the boring everyday thing and the longlasting, special remainder.

So i got extra super excited when I found a tin toy at the flea market. It was the girls equivalent of a tin toy car or a toy tin army, as far as I could see. It was a tiny fridge. And it was extremely cute. On the next table at the same stall, I found an oven.

I loved them both. But, after asking how much one was, and receiving a bad answer, and after discussion with my beloved about the stupid things we should be saving money for, just in case I walked away.

I walked away and wandered up and down the rows of amazing stalls (occasionally stopping to buy other tins, when they were cheap. I got a gorgeous little mailbox and a tin globe money bank, as well as some pharmaceutical things) – but I couldnt stop thinking about my kitchen appliances.

The thing was, Id had this idea about getting three box frames – and maybe three flat frames for the boxes, and then putting them, icon-like, in the kitchen. And once Id thought of it, I couldnt stop thinking about it. It was a gorgeous little house design idea. Especially once we go back to the UK. It will be not only a reminder of the place, but a reminder of the culture and the Dream and blah blah blah.

Anyway. So after more than an hour, after wandering several rows, and oohing and ahhing at a bunch of things, we had to go home in time for The Apprentice in the UK and I ran back to the stall. Just to get pictures of the boxes so I could find them cheaper on eBay. And I did that (and found a sink as well, on another part of the table) and I returned to my beloved, and he told me to go back and buy them, whatever the price, because he could tell I was going to be sad if I didnt.

Reader: I bought them.



And, actually, I looked them up on ebay later, and i got them far cheaper than I could have otherwise. So Hells Yes. I win.
Tin wins.

I didnt get the lamp, but I got these, and I Love these.