Vewy vewy quiet

I have been, I mean. Sowwy. I have three days in any given week where I can do me-blogging without feeling like I should be doing something else. And when those days get filled with other fun things, like real life, or going away, or lovely people coming to visit – and then I have NO days. And then with lots of things going on and stuff up in the air and well, other reasons Ill explain another time (No, before you ask, Im not pregnant. I swear, you lot are worse than my mother for guessing at that. And one of you IS my mother) sometimes its hard to tie my brain down in one place.

So Ill get on that, because it will help, perhaps, if I do.

But in the meantime, having two brilliant houseguests at the weekend, I got to go out and do lots of my favourite tour guide things rather than sitting at home and staring at a flashing cursor, which I do a LOT.

And that? That was brilliant, because Im getting to really really love this city, and trying to learn more about it every day, thanks to a stack of city history books and guides and local writers and things. And frankly? Tailoring routes and itineraries to perfectly suit the personalities and capabilities and interests and energy levels of all my favourite people is more fun than anything else I can think of. If I could have a job just doing that, please? That would be the best thing ever. Thanks.

Anyway. Theres more to say on that another time. And if I have some more time at some time, there will be much more to say about it. Tonnes.

What I came here tonight to say was

a) Im not dead, I was just being vewy vewy quiet. Sowwy. But
b) one of the things we did with our friends was to go to Alameda Flea Market – which is one of my favourite places ever in the world and may soon be the root of my financial destruction, but never mind – where I wll tell you about the things I DID buy in my very next post but my point, my POINT (I had one, I did, its not compulsory in blogging but I really honestly did) was that I wanted to share my utter, utter dismay that My Beloved wouldnt agree to my buying this:

He said that, as a lamp purchase, it was a sackable offence.

I have been feelng aggrieved about this ever since. Becuse I think we can all agree that this lamp, right, is AWESOME.

That is all. (For today)