Photo Phursday: Other, less poetic pictures taken at that big crevice thing

There are some things I was going to move onto that Ive been meaning to write up and other bits of my trip I should write up so I never forget them, but I just needed to stick these two pics somewhere and they were never going to fit in anywhere else, unless its a post about how I compulsively take pictures of signage, even in places where there are things much more photogenic than signage (I just like signage)

I like this helpful sign explaining why one might not want to get too close to the edge of the canyon.

Ok!Although I think it might work better if they didnt make it look so fun.


That is what she is saying. I think.

And the other thing was just one of the many uses of the word RIM around the site. I dont know whether its because it sounds funnier in a British accent, or rude if you say it out loud, or because the word means so many, MANY different things, but I never stopped making nose-explosion noises at signs like this:

A ha ha ha ha haA ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry, Ill write more in a minute.

A ha ha ha. They said rim. Hee hee hee hee.