I am back from my amazing surprise birthday weekend

I didnt buy you a present, Im afraid – though I honestly thought about buying you this:

Only I couldnt work out how to get back to you from the flea market in Buttfucknowhere, Colorado without spilling the precious, precious liquid that made up such an essential part of its being.

My surprise holiday was not entirely Colorado based, though. We flew to Las Vegas, and then struck out immediately out of it again, driving over the Hoover Dam into Arizona and arriving near the Grand Canyon in the dark. I will tell you about the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Or maybe Thursday, because tomorrow is a busy work day. In the meantime, I can tell you: its pretty good.

And then we went other places, and saw lots of other things, including trees made of precious stones, and holes in the ground made by space. And volcanoes. And ruins. And museums, and diners, and a million gift shops.

And one day – and this is good, because Im collecting states (Im actually collecting vintage charm bracelet charms of states, but only ones I have been to. Yes, I have a long way to go) – we woke up in Utah, breakfasted in Colorado, had lunch in New Mexico, and then went to bed in Arizona.

In fact, this is a welcome to version of our very condensed holiday roadtrip:


YAY! I love this. At the moment, Because its basically all the pictures Ive managed to put up so far. But also because it was a great – and needed – release of stress and things.

That mosaic isnt quite right. The two Arizona ones are actually out of order, I just didnt notice. And of course Nevada should be at the beginning there and California should be at the end, but these are all the ones we could see from the road. You couldnt see the other ones from the plane, damn them.

Anyway. It was, in just so many ways, amazing.

Lots of exploring, and sitting in silent places in awe of things. And lots of singing loudly in the car and making memories and shouting HELLO COWS! HELLO! every time we passed cows (it is only polite), and lots of talking and lots of new sights and amazement. All my favourite things.

But yes.

Thank you for all your lovely wishes and general wonderfulness.

I will tell you all about more of it when I have the pictures to match.

And Im so, SO sorry about not getting the spinny bally dry icey thing.

Still, thought that counts, right?

Its the really random, weirdly ugly yet strangely hypnotic thought that counts.