Out of out of office

I have that over-excitable Im on holiday feeling. I meant to get to my blog earlier this evening, but no, no, work just span itself out till the very last minute. Or I span it out. Because thats what I do. Whatever.

But I meant to get here and write at least one of the posts that have been sitting on that list that hangs around on the table next to my bed, with memory-prompting phrases like Dick/Gravy and This is theme project and sex club tree ambulance and media/miracle pill/poo, tofu and dentist and that magazine for elistist scumsuckers that will be first against the wall when the revolution comes and other things.

But I will have to write those while I am away. As well as the things about being away.

But first I should just go away.

My Beloved has created the best birthday present in the history of birthdays. Tomorrow I am going away. I dont quite know where. And we will have some kind of holiday. I know were flying somewhere late morning on Thursday, I know that Ive been allowed to be quite slapdash with the packing, so we may be hiring a car when we get there, I know that Ive got a wrapped book that I can open on the plane that will explain everything.

And the best thing is I have not had to worry about a single bit of it, nor have I had to worry about whether were going at all, were just going. And that is the end of it. How lovely is my Best Beloved? Very. He is awesome.

So. Next week I will be back – possibly with all the posts outlined above pre-written – and in the meantime I might be back with a photo or a brief thing or something, once I know where we are and if we have internet once we get there.

In the meantime: YAY!

(Also: sorry if anyone has been having trouble with comments getting modified: Im not sure if the comments I approve are actually showing up – so if your comment hasnt shown, please dont take it personally – the same goes with unanswered email. I have a special pile of nice mail to answer when I reach a day I dont have any other anxiety to address. Its kind of been piling up. For maybe a couple years. Sorry.)

Now, however: I go on frikking holiday.


Hell yes.