Hey shorty It is my birthday

I spoke too soon. There was I complaining about my desire to be far away across a continent and across an ocean so I could be with my friends, and I made it sound like I wasnt grateful for the friends Ive made here. And I am. Because theyre brilliant.

I turned up at a barbeque on Sunday which, we had decided, was going to be a Happy Mothers Day (US)/Birthday/Commiserations-On-Your-Laying-Off barbeque for various members of the invited. I had thought that sounded like a good idea, because it was a good way of celebrating with people that I really like without worrying about looking like I was trying to be the centre of attention or worrying that people wouldnt show up.

Ad so I did turn up, bearing the kind of things that almost-32-year-olds bear, was presented with a birthday balloon by one of my favourite two year olds EVER, and then taken by him into the dining room, where I found this:


Which was just amazing. So thank you Amy, who made that, and who will read this. You are lovely.

So. Now it is my birthday. In fact, if you go by the fact that I was born at about 5.30am GMT, then it was my birthday about an hour ago in Pacific Standard Time, even though it is still technically yesterday here. Or it is if you are in the UK, or reading this tomorrow. If youre reading this the day after tomorrow its not yesterday now, its the day before yesterday, and its not my birthday there either, unless youre in China or something, and it is. In which case it isnt the day after tomorrow, its tomorrow, if youre in the UK. But today, to you, reading this now. If youre reading this in more than two days time then all of that is void.

But it is my birthday, and I am going to be 32, which is odd, because I used to think I could imagine what 32 would feel like, and its just not like that. Its not like that at all.

Its just like being 25.

In that you feel like youre twenty-five, but look at all the other 25-year-olds and wonder why theyre all acting so very young.

Mainly on my birthday I am going to be working, because its a Tuesday. I will, however, be taking the afternoon off to do a coupl of hundred miles road trip for a pizza. This is because I happened to be living near here 11 years ago, and spent my 21st birthday in a pizzeria in a small college town 85 miles inland. This is my desired Birthday Tea, and as whatever-you-want birthday tea is a sacred tradition, that is what we will have.

I will spend most of the morning before that, inbetween bouts of work, waving at my computer as I speak to my lovely family on the videothing (its like were in the future!). And I will open my cards and open some presents, maybe. And I am grateful for all of that. (OOOH. That reminds me, someone asked where my wishlist had gone. It is now here and is filled with things I am meaning to buy at some point when Ive got some money. But I dont think you can use it from the UK, whichever nice anonymous person was asking, so thank you, I am grateful for the thought)

And after all that I will probably do some blogging, because its important to keep yourself occupied as you reach advanced age.


And that is the end of it.

Happy Birthday Me!

Happy Birthday, EVERYONE!

Update: AND my sister made me a birthday animation with a happy seaworm monster!

How blessed (blessed-by-non-specific-non-godlike-forces, obv) am I?

Very, I say.

And I am very grateful for it.