Got carbs?

(Number something in a series of insert value here)

I really should start a more regular series on the matter, but, along with all the other things that I love very very much about living here, there are also the things that utterly confound me.

These things are almost inevitably edible. Or, strictly speaking, supposedly edible. Edible in name alone, as far as Im concerned. I need to start marking them down somewhere in a more concerted way. And here has always been somewhere so

Loading up for the long winter ahead?

Theres been this advert playing recently for a brand new product from some enormous pizza delivery chain.

if it wasnt bad enough that they already delivered pasta – huge foil vats of penne, slathered in thick creamy sauces, straight to your door (because for grief, how hard is pasta?!) – they now have moved on to and I can barely say this without vomiting a bit in my mouth something called a bread bowl.

A bread bowl pasta dish. Which looks suspiciously like a pizza, with full puffy crust, covered in a HUGE pile of PASTA, covered in creamy pasta sauce of some kind, and probably some meat, then covered in melty cheese.

Yes. Its a pasta pizza.

And THAT is my wrongfood of the week.

Congratulations, Pastaroni Pizza!

Youre WRONG.