I like it when serious people swear. It makes me happy.

Hey! This is one of those posts thats just pointing you toward someone elses very good content on the web! You know – like the old days.

So: This is a post by April Winchell on her blog, not only pointing out that there is swearing in President Obamas pre-president memoir, but that there is an audiobook version of Obamas memoir. And its read by President Obama. Including the sweary bits.

Which is AWESOME.

That is all.

Incidentally, I found this out through twitter, which I used to have as a private feed for close friends and family in a does anyone want to go out for a drink Im at Farringdon station kind of way, but since the way so many people use it has changed, Ive opened it up to be more of a general train-of-thought miniblog thing. So if youre on twitter and have tried to connect with me on twitter before and not, you now can if you like. I mean, clearly you dont have to: but you can. Just sayin.

That is all.

If you are not on twitter, hate twitter, and have no interest in any of this twitter business, then simply join with the American President and say: This shits getting WAY too complicated for me.