Sorry, I went quiet. Funny thing was, you know how I talked a while ago about not feeling able to go on holiday because I felt like, living here, I was meant to feel like I was on holiday all the time? Well, I did. And I was feeling like that.

And then I realised I was actually in danger of going a bit insane. Or slightly more unbalanced than usual, anyway. so I booked a weekend far away in a little inn overlooking the ocean for as soon as I could and as cheaply as I could, and then we went away for three nights, and read books and sat in front of log fires drinking wine and wandered about on beaches taking pictures of driftwood


Because I like driftwood. And taking pictures. I also took pictures of other things.

Oh, and video. Because also the holiday was all about watching little sandpiperish birds running away from waves. Because they are great.

I love the way these things run

And also, I decided, once more, that I need to be more committed. To my blog, I mean. Ive been working too many hours in too flabby a fashion, so I need to tighten up my work routine, and that also means making more time for blogging (on MY blog), because I love it and miss it, and because of other reasons. Time slips by too fast, and when I dont take comprehensive notes on it, I forget because I have a brain like a sea-colander. A sea-colander with adult-onset ADD.

Anyway. So that is the plan.

But yes. We went on a very little holiday, and it was very quiet, and that was that.

And I will be back tomorrow (and every other day) with something more interesting than that to say.
I hope.