A poem about acupuncture

By me, Anna Pickard, aged 31 and a half
and, incidentally, if youre not that keen on needles, Id suggest stopping reading now

Oh Acupuncture Acupuncture!
It is really good.
And sometimes it can help you
just like people said it would.

Although its pointy needle things
and that might seem quite weird
Its actually quite relaxing
and almost nothing like you feared.

Its good for stuffed-up tummies
and people who are sad
you get to lie there in the warm
and think nice thoughts which isnt bad

At all. You should be careful though
when your pin-pusher says Im sure
there was another! that she checks
extremely well and thoroughly before youre

Half way home. For if youre walking down the street
a block or two from where you were
and thinking Wow, my calf muscle!
Its really stiff. Oh cripes! Oo-er!

You may roll up your trouser leg
Just to check and find that there:
(now pushed in all the way by jeans)
is that forgotten pin. A hair-

thin piece of metal, sure.
But, you know what? Standing halfway between acupuncturist and home
pulling a needle – even hair thin – now stuck in all the way up to the hilt, out of your calf muscle?

That IS a bit weird.

And you might feel a little bit woozy.



But APART from that, I really like acupuncture. Its really good. Im going back on Friday.