Oh Begorrr-rr-really? What, REALLY?

Theres an Authentic Irish Pub just a few blocks up from my house.

We dont go there much, because well, because were really boring and dont frequent ever single bar in downtown San Francisco on a weekly basis. But we have been there few times with friends.

It is nice!
And it has authetic Irish beers, and authentic Irish ciders, and on some nights of the week it has authentic Irish musicians, on authentic Irish instruments, playing authentic Irish songs!

And, for those missing the craic-soaked comfort food of home, they appear to have a full authentic Irish menu, too.

It has colcannon.
And a full Irish Breakfast.

And then it has a snacks menu. With authentic Irish snacks.

Traditional Irish Chilli Cheese Chips.
Chips, for the sake of American readers, in the sense of fries.

Fair enough – Im not one to argue, and am sure that at least one reader will claim it invented in Ireland. Possibly by Bono. You know, like he invented Rhythm and Blues.


Traditional Irish Buffalo Wings
You know, from authentic Irish buffalo.

But my favourite favourite in SO many ways is a twist on the traditional Western US favourite, the

Traditional Old Irish Jalepeno Poppers.

You know whats Irish about them?

Normal jalepeno poppers are hot-hot-chilli peppers stuffed with melty-cheese, dipped in batter and deep-fried (already sounds like traditional cooking like Nana would make, right? You just wait!) now these – these were made special by

. being hot-hot-chilli peppers, stuffed with CHEESY MASHED POTATO, battered, and deep fried.


Oh Danny Boy, the Pops, the Pops are callin you.
From chilli mouth, to over toilet bowl
And its Be-CAUSE theyve got potato in them, son,
theyre called Iri-sh,
and thats the way it is sooooo thereeeeee.

Its not a great song, I know.
But seriously – you havent tried the poppers.
No judgies.