One of my resolutions – one mainly drawn from the fact that since arriving here Ive put on half a ton in weight (due to trying out new eateries and the amount of hidden sugar and/or cheese in everything, the bastards, along with some medication that was making my appetite go INSANE) and probably wont be allowed in lifts soon in case my sheer mass proves too much for the cable – is to start exercising in earnest again.

So next week Im going to join a nearby gym. We are, I mean. Not just me. Were going to join a gym.

Not the cheapest one, because that takes up the ground floor of an office block in the busy financial district, and all the exercise machines are positioned so that every idiot walking past can watch you sweating on the crosstrainer while they walk to their fancy lunch meeting.

And not the nearest one, because thats a boxing gym, and Id just end up standing in the middle of the ring bursting into tears and shouting Why are you so HORRID? Go AWAY! at my sparring partner, and I think we all know it.

so not the cheapest. And not the dearest. And not the nearest. And not the one where they make you all exercise in a circle while shouting happy things at you. And not one of those ones with ridiculously self-absorbed and undoubtedly part-plastic people trying to get off with each other. But a gym all the same.

And well intersperse that with, every other day (when it is not raining) going for a big old walk up and down some hills. Because seriously; I didnt move here to look at the front of a treadmill. I just need to get moving on this, because its currently making me shy, and embarrassed, and feel like a ginormous lump.

So this post doesnt really have a point. I just wanted to put it in writing so I can feel like Im committing to it, and so you can shout at me if I sound like I am notdoing that.

But dont shout at me otherwise, because Ill burst into tears.

Though actually, since were here, if anyone has any top tips for magic make-fit-quick super-weightloss magic – then please. Please, let me know. Because I feel like a heffer.