This is us

I know, it is unusual for me to put pictures of me up here – even less so pictures of me and my beloved – especially ones where Im not wearing the most flattering outfit in the world, or any make up at all and all of that vanity.

But I am so very much in love with this picture of me and my best beloved taken by my lovely sister a couple of days before Christmas on Baker Beach, looking over to the Golden Gate Bridge.


Not only is it a great, great picture (as my seeester is an amazing photographer) but it is in one of my favourite places, and we both look just so happy, messing around and just like us, really. He didnt succeed in throwing me in the water, by the way. Though my feet did get quite soggy indeed.

In a way – and a day early because Ive still got a post lined up before the year ends –
It is just my way of saying YAY 2008, I suppose.
Thereve been some shitty bits, and some challenges and some disappointments and I havent got as far out of the depression-hole as much as I might have hoped I would. But it has been a good year, and I am grateful for all of it, and happy about all of it and overwhelmingly excited to be where I am right now, in all senses of the word.