Other things I am grateful for

(Or thankful for as they say in this country on this day. Though for some reason my brain equates thankful with the existence of a higher power and grateful not so much, so I will be grateful instead. No, its not that logical, please humour me)


a) Toilet paper. I can barely imagine life without it. Or I can, but it makes me feel a little bit sick when I do.

2) Stairs. Can you imagine trying to get to your bedroom and back if we didnt have them? Youd have to work out some kind of crate and pulley system, or learn how to jump really really high. And also when you needed to get DOWN again you might fall awkwardly and hurt your knee.

3) Chickens. Arent they lovely? They just wander around carrying all this food about, like tiny clucking taco trucks. I realise vegetarians will not agree with this point of view but am hoping their arms are too weak and feeble to type outraged things into my comment box. Im kidding.

d) Kettles. And other water-boiling apparatus. Because you cannot make tea with cold water, and getting water to boiling point by trying other means – like sitting on it for a really long time – doesnt work so well.

5) The colour red.

vi) Senses of humour, and people with them. For it is laughter makes the world go around. Well, that and something complex to do with gravity and magnets and the sun and things.

8. Glasses of water. Nom nom nom.

99 – Dog shows. And anything else when people display an uncanny enthusiasm for their hobby, interest, or pet. I find their enthusiasm infectious, and love it. And I dont even like dogs. So thats even specialler.

12) The internet and almost everything on it.

e: The music of Dean Martin.

9) Other stuff.

10! – And also things!