I am not boasting in the slightest, I promise

But it just feels like the weirdest thing.

Today, right, we woke up, pootled about, then, after checking on the citywide webcam thing that the weather was as nice over the other side of the city as it was on this side, and then we got on a tram-bus-thing-that-I-still-dont-know-how-to-describe – a Muni, anyway – and rode it to the end of the line, then climbed across the dunes and paddled surrounded by families and people playing frizbee and people sunbathing in bikinis.

Then we climbed up a dune and watched the surfers surfing and the cargo boats arriving across the pacific from China (this all sounds very silly in my head, I must admit) and we had a picnic.

Until we realised that the main reason that anyone was sitting in the dunes was to smoke bongs and things, you know, without getting arrested or shouted at by irate mothers, and climbed down again and finished our picnic where it wasnt quite so stinky. Still, though. Nice picnic.

And it was all just highly bizarre, and we kept turning to each other and going November the 15th! Its November the 15th, for crying out loud!


Im not boasting, honest Im not. You just have to understand that not to have experienced a single bad SAD swing by this point is incredible.

And I mean, it wasnt *quite* like I say, it wasnt really that idyllic. I dont really DO idyllic. It was more like My Beloveds prediction when we were on the way there.

Me: I cant believe were going to lounge around on the beach on November 15th!

My Beloved: Yes, well, were not ACTUALLY going to lounge around on the beach, are we? Were going to take a walk, eat this stuff, have a nice time doing that, then sit there for approximately five minutes after which youre suddenly going to start getting fidgety and announce that youre bored and that this is basically a pointless activity and saying things like what am I supposed to do, just SIT here? Whats productive about that? And then well both get a bit tetchy and then well leave

Which is, to be fair, what happened, except I was there for at LEAST 20 minutes before I announced that I was now bored, and we didnt get tetchy at all. So there, Mr Beloved.
(Close though.)


Chuffing ridiculous way to behave five weeks from Christmas, it really is.