Ch-Ch-Ch-Chind of wishing I had thought of the end of this title before I started typing chs

it was a hard ch, like in Italian. Yes, get me


I have not disappeared, I am not hiating, and I am not A Merkin, yet. I just wanted to reassure you that, although I have gone a bit quiet it is not because I have forgotten you all or suddenly turned into A Merkin, it is because I was a bit busy with some exciting election business, and other business.

And then I got Very Tired all of a sudden, and slept, because I am as bad as ever (as bad as I have always been in the whole whoevermany years of this blog) at knowing when I am tired. I dont realise I am tired, I get tireder, and then I just fall over. Its what I do.
I like to think of it as healthy.

It isnt, of course.

So I am here (sorry for being quiet) and still trying to work out the vagaries of working both from home, both all the time because thats what we are like, far away from everyone we know and love and eight hours away from the people we are working for, and now and again learning to admit to each other that it is a bit hard. Because it was silly to think it wouldnt be.

However, I am trying to meet new and exciting people, and to that end will be volunteering at an exciting place here which I will talk about probably not very much as its not really the done thing, I should think. Still, Im hoping it will be a rewarding, friend-making and inspiring thing to do. Or it will as soon as I get the requisite tests for Smallpox and TB, for Heps A, B, C, JUpsidaisy and, of course, Rabies which are needed for working with young people in any developed country nowadays. Im not sure why, I was planning on volunteering to help them with their homework and creative writing things rather than, say, bite them.

At least I HOPE thats what I was volunteering for.
I know my accent can be a little hard to understand when listing my appropriate skill sets, so Id better double check on my application form.

Anyway. Everything will be just fine.
Not that you thought any different.

But it will.

– The sun shines an almost ridiculous amount of the time.
– I am meeting really lovely new people on a bizarrely regular basis AND doing exploring.
Sooner or later we will learn to drive. And also get bikes. But in the mean time we will simply walk everywhere and this add to our Remarkable Calves of Steel.
– I have also turned into someone who wears dresses. And skirts. This doesnt go very well with having the overgrown calves of someone doing a fuckbunch of walking, but hey ho, Im enjoying being proper-girly for the first time ever (mainly because I can finally give in to my 50s vintage fixation about swingy skirts and wide belts in a city where people where a LOT crazier clothes than me.)(Hey! You wait, its only a matter of time before I get an ENORMOUS tattoo)(Little Mother, if youre reading this, Im kidding)(maybe) and you cant have everything. If you had been seeing me in real life rather than in words on the internet all these years, you would know how weird that was.

I had a point, but I cant remember what it was: Ill put it in a new post. Thatll do it.
Sorry, very waffly, very diary, very personal.
Are we still allowed to write blog posts like that?
Or did that kind of blogging officially die?
Ive lose track.