The triumph of the cute

Tonight, a very important thing happened. The country where I now live elected themselves a president who, frankly, I wouldnt kick out of bed for eating biscuits (and who also seems like a nice man and (hopefully) a good president. Though frankly hed have to poo diamonds to be as good as people are currently expecting, but that is a conversation for another day and another place) and it was exciting, and brilliant and yay.

At the moment we dont know how Prop 8 might turn out, which would see gay marriage banned in california only 6 months after it was legalised, and would be a travesty, but we can only knock on wood and wait. And frankly I wasnt allowed to vote for that either, so what am I going to do about it?

Most importantly I, someone who couldnt vote and therefore didnt make history in any way, shape or form today, decided to make history by publishing a cute video of my cat.

By the time this video was taken, Widget had been trying to catch the same shard of light reflecting through the blinds for about ten minutes.

Shes a very VERY special cat.

In the sense of special bus special, yes.