NEWSFLASH: Worlds Ugliest Ornament Found

Just in case you were at all concerned about the hunt for the worlds ugliest ornament (I mean, Ive not mentioned it before, but I think we all knew without having to verbalise that it was there, going on in the background, all along) –

anyway, just in case you were at all concerned about the status of that search, I would just like to announce that I have FOUND the worlds ugliest ornament, I have taken it into my custody (by way of selflessly paying for it with my own money for the good of humanity) and I will keep it here in my possession until I can ensure its safe disposal or some kind of large scale exhibition of its peers, celebrating its utter horrendousness.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Shell Frogs Playing Poker; The Diorama.


Other photos available on flickr, along with some of the subtleties of the piece, including facial expressions, winning hands, and the fact that one shell-frog has a secret card hidden under the table.

Its all there, I tell you.

It will be pride of place at my next poker night, just as soon as I learn how to play poker.

More updates as we get them – but if you know of an ornament uglier, my poker-shell-frogs would be gratified to hear it.