Sorry sorry sorry

Ok, Im actually stuck in a hotel room in Wine Country (yeah, its a hard life, it really is) inbetween lots and lots of guests, peoples birthdays, elections, other worky things and stuff and stuff and planning for NaNoWriMo and stuff.


Lets play a game!


Its the lets think of a game then play that game!

No. Its the word association game!

I say a word.

The the next person in the cricle says the next word. Then we carry on from that word, and then we invite a panel of psychoanalysts in, then we all let our mothers know they should start worrying about us.

I say:


Four days later Chuffing heck, you guys are AWESOME. You really do know how to amuse yourselves and I think youre lovely.

I will go back to trying to entertain you soon.

update Oh, and Ive closed the comments because it was just brought to such a perfect conclusion by some of the nicest community a blogger could have (that would be you).