Party like its 2003: no. 1

OK – Once I have got these silly things from work out of my head and onto the computer, I will continue with your regular service. In the meantime, a collection of things and stuff that have been interesting to me on the internets this week*.

Jacks cut and paste haikus were genius.

this story made me really happy.

There was an interesting short piece on a site Id not come across before about writing about what you know, which was interesting as I went to a seminar on writing from experience the other day (not because Im interested in writing memoir, Im not very interesting, but because Im interested in some of the ethical and confidence ideas around it, and because I was looking into the centre it was held in as a possible place to volunteer, and I was trying to sound it out a bit).

Non-Working Monkeys been posting nearly every day, have you noticed? I love her.

A news story caught my attention about one of the first FDA approved diet pills. Id love to try these things one day, just to see whether there is such thing as magic. But maybe not this one. Im amazed at peoples willingness to say You know what, Id rather poo orange grease uncontrollably in my trousers than do this weight loss thing the hard way though. Thats dedication to the cause (the pooing yourself cause).

A video of Ludacris and Martha Stewart making origami together. Its just nice.

Theres a cracking little barney – sorry, discussion – going on at Sevitzs blog. The fact that half the people taking part in the conversation seem to be 2003-era bloggers made me feel like I should do something all old-school and actually bother linking to things for once (Im so lazy).

So I did.

*And for the record, these things will be making more frequent appearances on my Tumblr blog – its just much quicker and easier to update as youre roaming about the net, though I should do more frequent round ups here too, as it makes up a bit for not having a blogroll at the moment.