The disappeared

I am not the disappeared.

But I am the currently-pretty-confused. Weve been working at pretty much full pelt – or trying to – and having a lovely lovely guest, and still trying to acclimatise, and my brain is not keeping up terribly well with it all. The time difference makes working hours quite horrible, actually; and combined with the almost permanent stomach ache and pretty frequent nausea I have been having (not pregnant, no, before any of you lovelies suggest it, just suffering from too much meat, I think)(and no, not a euphemism, just as in too much rich and plentiful food and sugar. My jeans can attest to this) mean that I have not, of late, been much in a blogging way.

I have been in a computer way, for sure: But mainly trying to dedicate time to work, and trying to beat my brain into believing that I am not just here on an extended holiday, but that we have turned our lives upside down in order to do what we both did before, but better.

Sometimes this feels hard. But then I remind myself that we have only been here six weeks, and there is a lot more exploring (and acclimatising) to do.

But I will return tomorrow. Or perhaps the day after, or when I have got the piece of work thats really pissing me off done and out of my hands again.

But I will be back. Im just living, and its a bit weirdy doing that, right now.

Its all upside down, you see?

And I dont appear to have a flight home again.