Rush of life to the head

I promise Ill talk about something other than supermarkets and shopping, and I will, Ive been watching WAY too much television and goodness knows I have things to say about that; and the other day I went to a second hand book sale where they offered you a shopping trolley at the door (HA! Mistake! My arms nearly fell off when we had to walk six blocks to the bus stop with the result) and then on Friday night to a Presidential debate party at a local bar (which I then wrote about for work. No idea how that went down, probably as well as a poo in the municipal swimming baths, people hate me when I try and write about things I dont seem clever enough for) and then yesterday to the baseball and today to our friendly local neighbourhood gay leather street party.

And last night I dislocated my shoulder in my sleep while turning over. I so should have had that operation I was supposed to have 12 years ago but forgot to turn up for. Ive found something I want to volunteer for, but dont want to say anything in case they reject me. And Im doing something next weekend for work that sounds more ridiculous every time I mention it. Ill tell you later.

And some other things: things that are starting to bug me a bit, things that are wonderful (like one of my favourite people from Iona-days turning out to be about to spending a lot of time visiting San Francisco, coincidentally) and lots and lots of other things.


These are things I am going to write about I promise, only Im also trying to get back into the swing of working, and at weirdy-time-remove, so I am just typing this because it has been too many days I havent updated, and I will Every Day This Week, I promise. Cross heart and swear to post pictures of the cats every day if I lie until this really does just turn into a cat blog and nothing else.

But in the meantime, and just on the topic of shopping one more time, it is worth noting that oh screw it Ill just put it in a fresh new entry.