Photo Phursday on a Tuesday: For the person who has everything

Finally! I have discovered what you buy for the person who has everything!

Because even IF they have the toy cars already, they probably dont have these:


Just think of the fun you could have with these!

You could. Um. Put them on your own car, and pretend you were a giant! You could pose them all over your laptop and pretend you were the prize exibit of a laptop showroom. You could um no, Im out.

I have no idea what these are for. Perhaps they are just ornamental. Meaning, of course, not ornamental at all. Meaning objects of complete horror and pointlessness without even going into any dull feminist arguments.

Which is, by the way, the proper use of quotation marks in this context, I believe. Whereas this:


So, what? You mean its not REALLY a private party but youre pretending it is because its actually something a lot more sinister?
Is it a euphemism for something?
Or are you just a moron?