Two cats on an even bigger plane


At least I *guess* thats what they were saying all on the way over, because thats certainly all they said for the first hour of arriving in the apartment.

The cats arrived. Both very hot, very confused, very vocal and not remotely dead. I was expecting them to be dead, I cant deny it. I was so scared.

In fact, when the woman from the firm that was meant to be delivering them called unexpectedly, I was so scared I hid in the wardrobe while my beloved answered the phone (a duvet being unavailable to me at that time).

She rang not to say they were dead, but to say they were on their way. And then half an hour later, they arrived, and they ran out of their wooden crates and suspiciously strode around the flat, shouting, loudly. And panting. And generally looking very hot, very confused, dehydrated and quite pissed off, frankly.

We took them to where the new litter tray was, and showed them the water bowls and the food laid out in the bowls brought from the kitchen floor at home (the bowls, I mean, the ones that say CAT and RABBIT – see, I told you the fact our baggage wasnt too heavy was a fucking miracle)

And they continued striding around, drinking a lot and shouting for the next hour or so. And then, at some point, they suddenly became ok with the fact that it was really us and everything was ok. The purring started, and the normal behaviour, and now Widgets lying on the windowsill behind me, tired from chasing shadows around the room, and Squirrels perched on the very tallest thing she can find in the room – which is a two and a half foot tall suitcase, disappointingly for her, as we still dont have any sodding furniture.

And thats it. Im going to have some strawberries and some sparkling Californian wine to celebrate having got here and not having any dead cats.

But Im done with the diaryising now. Not the blogging, obvs. But the move-diary. The straight forward And today I did this. And then I did this because I dont *really* do that. No, Im afraid were back to the normal tiny stories and observations and musings and things.

Otherwise its all a bit un-private. And also Im quite boring, day to day: Waited in for a sofa to arrive. It didnt so I made some coffee and then read the internets. So back to normal service around here. Kind of.