Monday: eight days until we fly

(And posted one day late)

Monday was mainly taken up by a family visit. Descending first thing in the morning, and staying for a lovely day of games and food and blustery walks on the beach. It was lovely.

I missed most of the walky bits and the food bits, however, as I holed myself up and tried to finish some work. Ive not organised this too well, as (doing the freelance thing its REALLY hard to say no, because its scary not to accept work when offered, I think) I decided to scale back during the move but not take a break completely, so Ive still had a bunch of deadlines to work to.

Which is fine and good and groovy and all – just means I have to stop being useful every now and again and lock myself in a room which is already finished (so I cant get distracted sorted something out) and do something completely useless (like silly writing things).

There being a three-year-old in the house – an incredibly cute one, but one who liked chasing the kittings around shouting SQUIDGET! SQUIDGET! and swinging a toy mouse on a stick around his head – Squirrel and Widget spent almost the whole day hiding in the bed. Not behind the bed, not under the bed but buried deep under the duvet, looking out whenever someone checked on them there with big, round eyes.

Im worried about them the most. Which is silly, in a lot of ways, because there are a lot of things to worry about, but having decided to take them with us, Im kind of obsessing about the fact that I want them to get there in one shape and not completely traumatised by the episode.

Theyll be picked up on Monday, a few hours before all our belongings (well, books, mainly but some important furniture) gets picked up and put into a storage container, and a few more before we leave the house and drag ourselves and our worldly stuff to the airport.

On Monday and Tuesday nights, theyll stay in a cattery near Heathrow where theyll get looked over by the house vet and given their final clearance (theyve already had all the immunisations required for California, and rabies vaccinations for when they come back – and no, no quarantine either way) and on Wednesday theyll fly out, and arrive 11 hours later, hopefully, then be delivered in one piece – or two pieces, more accurately, as there are two of them – to our new flat.

Hopefully well have furniture by then, but well certainly have cat things ready and waiting.

Litter and food and the basic stuff is already waiting in the storage unit out there: familiar blankets and treats well have taken with us.

And yes, I know it sounds like theyre precious and theyre spoiled. But I am obsessing about one certain thing. Because theres a lot of things involved here, a lot of complicated decisions and new situations and unknown quantities. And the more I obsess with one little bit of it, the calmer I am about the rest.

I know, I know. Its silly. But if it wasnt the cats it would be something else.

At least I can tell and keep it in perspective.

Or sort of.


I have work to do.

And cats to fuss.