Sunday: Nine days until we fly

Ahem. Well, um, today I spent mainly alternating sleeping with lying around groaning and being hungover.

And then after ineffectually putting some small things in a box I sat down heavily on the stairs and had a big cry wailing I dont want to go, this is where I live, I live here, its all too big, its all too much, I cant do it before going and hiding under a duvet and refusing to come out until it all went away for a bit.

Well, we cant all be perfect and organised all the time, right?

I did, however, then get started on some previews and some other stuff that needs to be filed tomorrow, and booked an airport hotel for the night before the flight (because I refuse to let getting to the flight be one more thing for me to be anxious about)(and also we wont have a bed that last night, so, yknow). But still. I did fuck-all useful in terms of moving house, country, continent today. Whoopses.