A place for everything, and everything in its place

place mainly turning out to be the bin, as it happens.

Well, not the bin. One of the modern wooly liberal variants on the bin. The airing cupboard is literally full of clothes to take to the clothes recycling place (two of those outsized ikea sacks and five large carrier bags stuffed full of clothes, to date)

We now have enough clothes between us to fill a chest of drawers – and, were hoping, two suitcases each with some room left over for important house things and books that we cant possibly be without until they follow us over in a couple of small parcels a few weeks later.

Everything else is being piled up in the section of the living room that has been marked out to represent the storage unit well be renting, apart from the furniture that we can loan or give out to friends. And the electronics that, similarly, will most likely be near-obsolete when we get back, so Id rather they would be used than in a box are starting to pile up, waiting to go to their new homes. Apart from the ones we need for work until we leave, obviously.

And there are a couple of boxes full of random wonderfulness that will find their way to a charity shop as soon as someone can be arsed.

I even cleared up every small jar of coppers and mug of change from around the house and bagged them up to go to the bank, the other day – have I told you about My Beloveds Bizarre and Maddening Problem with small-denomination coins? I will, one day – and there was £54. In 1, 2 and 5 pences, yes. So that puts a (tiny) dent in the pet travel agent fund.

But, I realised, Im being very organised about things that I already HAVE. But what about things I will miss?

It was so many people mentioning tea in your lovely comments on the last post that made me think of it. I mean, I dont drink tea*, so thats ok, but otherwise

I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas of things I should definitely remember to take with me. If you are abroad, and British, what do you want, I mean? And if you arent (but are still one of us) what would you miss?

And yes – Ive already checked that we can get marmite (and vegemite) there.
Scami Fries though?
No, not a one.
My favourite Peri Peri sauce?
None of it! WAH!

So just so as I dont start using this as a brand new thing to panic about – what might I miss, do you think? What would you?

*I drink weirdy herbal tea, but if I cant find hippy tea in San Francisco theres something very, very wrong with me.