So Ive been meaning to mention it (Warning: this post may contain news)

But since it wasnt my news but news concerning My Beloved (writing about it here), and Im just tagging along (well, kinda), and now the announcement has officially been made

In two weeks time were moving to San Francisco. Yes, me too. All of us.

Exactly two weeks. In two weeks time I will be on a plane to my new flat, which is in San Francsico.

For how long? I dont know. A few years. Long enough to take the cats.

There is my news.

If theres any questions, be sure to ask them, Ill probably be blogging a lot more often from now on, as a person in a new country (and a person in a new country with no friends, more importantly) though for the next few weeks I might be, if not quieter, certainly more fraught (now I can finally talk about it). I was rather superstitious about not wanting to pack too much until it was officially announced.

So Ive got two weeks to pile my house into storage recycle post and chuck piles and make sure all the piles go into the right boxes. Ive also got dentists appointments, doctors appointments, accountants to see, meetings to have and cats to worry about. Im flipping out, basically.

But in a really really excited way.