One American thing I am not too keen on

Because I do like quite a lot of things American, I admit, becuse I am that way inclined – the way inclined that I like most things AnywhereFrom, so AmericaFrom falls into that wider category.

HOWEVER. I do not hold with the practice of telling passengers that they are abotu to enter their final descent – thats fine, everyone says that – but then using the terminology Well be on the ground shortly.

What the hells wrong with LANDING, whats so wrong with just saying Well be LANDING shortly?

Because well be on the ground well, it sounds a bit sudden, thats all. And a bit messy.

That is all.

I am in a depature lounge at New York JFK, waiting for my connecting flight.

I seem to be having some kind of quite amusing groundbound vertigo, where the whole place is spinning and whizzing in andz out of my peripheral vision. It is like being drunk, but far cheaper. I do like New York, but I do wish it would stop spinning so.

I may be on the ground, shortly.