Memeing: Things Anna likes to do.

It is meem time. Apparently. As the luminous Katy Newton has tagged me with a thing which is, apparently doing the rounds, as these things will. All you had to do was go to google, type in [your name] likes to, and then copy and paste the results. Of course, I tried to be as simple as that, but failed, and it took me hours.

Still. Apparently, [My Name] likes to

Anna likes to watch balls Number one hit. Hm. I dont. Unless they are those nice coloured bouncy ones from that pretty advert. Not the human bouncing kind with bits of hair. Thats just WEIRD.

Anna likes to think that her visual impairment has given her the opportunity to create visual art from a unique perspective. I would find it difficult to say the same about my writing, but I do squint a little when Im thinking? So it is kind of similar?

Anna likes to rock. This, even though it was in a headline, isnt actually true. I do not like to rock.

I hate to rock. Unless it is rocking gently backward and forward, which, as a classified miseriblist (seriously, I know because someone classified me with a questionnaire. A real questionnaire that wasnt on the internet so it must be true) rocking backward and forward would be something I clearly do like.

Anna likes to give her snakes a bath once or twice a week. Is that a euphemism? It is. It is, it must be.

It is, right? Thats DISGUSTING.

Anna likes to play dumb, and is obsessed with Ikea. Both of these things are true. So much so that Im resisting going to look at the link this points to in case it IS about me.

Anna likes to work. This is undeniably true. Anna also likes having money from doing work, although she hopes this does not make her a capitalist swine.

Anna likes to be needed, as well as to cherish and protect her loved ones, of whom she is somewhat possessive. Um. Yes. Though, speaking for the person this is an actual profile of, then yeah, Duh. it would be weird otherwise, surely. Anna would prefer people not to want her around, and despises and actively hunts down with guns her loved ones, whom she openly wants rid of

Anna likes to figure out her own way of doing things. True. But then she likes to inform everyone that this is the correct way, and they should probably all think about doing it that way because it works really well. Possibly better, in fact. Because she is stubborn like that.

Anna likes to take her daughter to film sets with her. Totally untrue.

Anna likes to tell that at this point her mother ordered her out of the apartment and she began life on her own at the age of fifteen. This is currently untrue, though Im seriously thinking of taking it up.

Anna likes to climb on the refrigerator and her dresser and go up, up, up. Hey! I do this!!!

No, I dont.

I did climb up on a dresser once and fall off it, orchestrating my only ever trip to AE. I was just showing off to some friends, being dreadfully, as my mother would say, exandshoff (no, no idea) and then I fell off. And I got knocked out, and then I cried a lot until my mummy picked me up and carried me to the hospital.

I was 26 at the time.

Only kidding.

I was 22.

No, not really, I was 8.

Anyway, so, I dont know how many of those youre supposed to list – I assume just until you get bored or your audience do. but then, when I tried to do this meem, I was actually bamboozled by this challenge first when I mistyped it and put it in as Anna like to. But I really liked the jaunty wrongness of many of the results, so here they are anyway.

Anna like to play backgammon and have sex from time to time: Totally not true. I like to play Shithead. Thats not a euphemism. Its a cardgame. Either that or Gin Rummy. Or Scrabble. But Im earbleedingly bad at scrabble. Ill play it, yes. but I hate hate hate it.

Anna like to take a break under the tree, in cool shadows with the bubble pipe. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Anna would likes that, pls.

On warm summer days, Anna like to be wheeled out to the steps facing Lake St. Clair. And then pushed down them, in a scene halfway between the opening credits of Heidi and some terrible public information film.

Anna like to use different perfume and all the time she taste another kind of it when old vial is empty.. Bleurgh. Interestingly, this appears to be from a Russian bride site. Men: finding yourself thinking that British women are too feisty and independent for your taste? Thinking that a nice foreign bride might be more pliant and ladylike? Well here you are. This one drinks perfume! Good luck!

And then, of course, youre supposed to tag someone else to go and do it. But I always fail. And right now, Im having trouble thinking of someone who uses their real name and would agree to do it. So if you want to – CONGRATULATIONS! I have tagged you! Go and do it, and tell me, and I will link you here.

Baton picked up from me by: Nicole, Lionel, Amy, and, interestingly, France (in the comment box), and Katy , and Emily and Rowan, and Janita and Heidi and Kelly and Eloise and Laura and Amanda so far

(and some other people have already done it)